Low Carbon Research Institute Marine

LCRI Marine is a collaboration of all the leading academic marine institutions in Wales. The project aims to enable, support and help build a sustainable marine energy sector in Wales. It provides the independent and world-class research essential to move the marine renewable energy industry forward. 

We are involved in the development and application of tools which optimise the performance of the technology that recover energy from waves, tidal streams and tidal ranges around the Welsh coast.

In particular, we consider the likely effects that these devices have on the environment, such as their effect on seabed communities, sediment transport and marine wildlife.

Open for Business

LCRI Marine is here to help your business from office to ocean. The growth of marine renewable energy represents a tremendous economic opportunity for Wales.

Welsh companies are already making a significant contribution to the industry from technology developers, engineering fabrication and contractors through to sea based support / ports, oceanographic, environmental and professional support services.

We have the capability to assist companies in the assessment, design and optimisation of emerging marine energy recovery technologies with the aim of nurturing Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME’s) to take products to market.